Geachte heer/mevrouw,

Gaarne vragen wij uw aandacht en hulp voor het volgende.

Nadat de burgeroorlog tussen de Tamils en de Singalezen mei 2009 is beŽindigd en het noorden weer beter toegankelijk is geworden, worden de problemen ook beter zichtbaar.
Zo is ŤŤn van de problemen dat er zeer veel weeskinderen (op dit moment ruim 3000) die een onderdak moeten hebben. Wij als kleine stichting kunnen dat niet allemaal organiseren omdat daar speciale kennis (van het gebied) en hulp (vaak kinderen met trauma) voor nodig is en natuurlijk geld.
Sisters of the Divine Saviour (Salvatorian orde) hebben zich het lot erg aangetrokken van deze kinderen en willen een weeshuis gaan oprichten in het noorden.
Wij als stichting helpen daar waar mogelijk en geven ook geld voor dit project genaamd "Financial Assistance for the Expenses of the Children Home", maar er is meer geld nodig en hopen op deze mannier geld te verzamelen voor dit project zodat in ieder geval weer toekomst is voor deze kinderen.

Bent u het met ons eens en bent u bereid ons te steunen, stort dan op giro 3034698 t.n.v. stichting Hindha onder vermelding Sister Dulcie.


Hier onder een uitleg van de sisters of Divine en het project.

The proposal is done mainly for the Financial Assistance for the Home for Children who are affected by war. These children have no both parents. Either they are displaced of dead. These children belong to the Dioceses of Mannar and Jaffna. We feel that they should be in their own environment and must find suitable possibilities to make them happy and successful citizens for the future. At present they are in different camps and in the future they will be given to the responsible persons to look after their future.

We have laid the Foundation in Sri Lanka in 14th Feb 1954. Though the foundation comes from Germany At present we are in 30 countries. The Congregation started in 1988 by a German lady whose name is Theresa Won Vullenweber.

In Sri Lanka the Congregation is
Colombo, Mabole, Kandana, Kurana (Diocese of Colombo)
Kurunegala, Sandadlanakawe, and Ambanpola (Diocese of Kurunegala)
Ampitiya, and Katugastota ( Diocese of Kandy)
Hela Halpe ( Diocese of Badulla)
Wijekatupotha (Diocese of Chilaw)

To give life and hope for the people who are struggling in life.

To be a prophet to any place where ever the need is and to be in mission according to the needs of the people. (At present we are in teaching, nursing, catechizing, and in pastoral care. )

Project Title: Financial Assistance for the Expenses of the Children Home
Dear Sir, Enclosed or attached here the proposal of above named project ďAssistance for the Expenses of the Children Home Mannar.
The Church in Sri Lanka needs to look after the people who are suffering in various difficulties and problems. At this moment Sri lanka Church is involved with many charity projects. Yet, we are faced with many challenges. The recent war which continued 30 years had been destroying many lives, culture and wealth of the people. Hence we have to ask otherís support in order to re build our mother Lanka.
The proposed plan will help 25 children to find life and in the future we will be reflecting if we could help more children. By empowering these children we hope to build successful people at the same time to re build the nation. Very soon those affected may find life and happiness.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless all our benefactors who will help in providing funds for this significant project.

Yours truly,

Sr. Dulcie Fernando SDS
Provincial Suprior